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HMODAt Kent College Infant and Junior School we are very aware of the ever increasing use of technology in everyday life. We have tailored our accelerated curriculum around that principal and strive to equip children with a strong knowledge of a huge range of programs and equipment.  All ICT lessons are interactive, fun and engaging for pupils.
Children begin their formal ICT education in reception with one lesson a week this increases to two lessons in year one and two. In the juniors the children have three lessons.  However, there are also computers available in the nursery for the children to use in small group activities.
We have a well resourced ICT suite with touch screen computers, which is particularly useful for our reception and infant children. We also have a wide selection of programmable toys/robots and digital cameras, which the children use regularly. Our most recent innovation was the introduction of IPads that are used in ICT lessons but also are a fantastic resource for all other subjects as well.
In their lessons the children will be taught how to create, edit and enhance their work in ICT. They will also be given regular opportunities to use new and interesting programs.  All ICT equipment is available to use in other subjects as well so the children may well find themselves in the ICT suite for maths, using digital cameras in science or recording a performance in drama on an IPad.
All of the teaching of ICT is geared towards learning how to utilize the equipment in a way that enables the child to support their study in any given subject.  ICT knowledge should be the tool that makes accessing, recording and presenting information in an interesting and interactive way.

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