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HMODAt Kent College Nursery, Infant and Junior School, Modern Foreign Languages are an important part of the curriculum.

The first language the children learn is French, which they start in the Nursery.
At a young age, children are very receptive to new sounds, which become familiar very quickly. They are uninhibited and quickly become confident and at ease with the foreign language. We use a lot of songs, games and stories in Early Years French lessons so that our children learn just like young French children do.

From Reception to Year 4, the children are taught by a specialist teacher in small, mixed ability groups, with differentiation according to individual pupils’ needs and abilities. A native language assistant provides classroom support in Years 3 and 4.

In Years 5 and 6, children choose to continue to study French, or to pick up Spanish or German as their MFL, and receive four lessons a week from a specialist teacher in their chosen language. The aim is for the children to develop confidence in all four areas of the MFL they are studying (reading, writing, speaking and listening), as well as gaining an understanding of the countries in which the languages are spoken.

The four day residential trip to Paris in Year 6 is extremely popular, and gives the children a fascinating insight into this vibrant and exciting capital city, its language and its culture.

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