Kent College Canterbury

Our art and design lessons give opportunities for all our children to explore the visual and tactile elements of creativity.

Our art and design teaching studios, and extensive grounds, enable them to learn different processes and use a variety of materials.

Our starting points are thematic and often link to other areas of the curriculum.
We study artists, craftspeople and designers to enhance and develop our experience and critical skills.

For those with a particular enjoyment of art and design, we offer the opportunity to develop work further in our Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented sessions. This is additional curriculum time that enables our children to develop these skills and talents to a high level that could lead to a scholarship into our Senior School at the age of eleven. 

A variety of after school clubs cater for different ages and interests within art and design. Our school kiln helps ensure that the children enjoy working with clay and filling their homes with the results of these opportunities that they enjoy so much.

Artist of the fortnight badges are awarded in our weekly celebration assembly for outstanding work.

All children’s work is displayed around the site to be admired by all.

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