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At Kent College we see drama as a very important element in the mastering of language by our children, and in the development of their confidence.
From the very earliest age they start to learn about speaking clearly and moving well. Of course for many the annual Nativity plays are their first introduction to performing themselves but even the Infants are visited regularly by GCSE and A-Level students from our Senior School who perform short works specifically written for young children and seek to involve them in the planning and preparation of dramatic material. There are regular visits too from professional companies specialising in children’s theatre. A recent example was a day spent understanding and then performing extracts from Hamlet, the carnage at the end being greatly enjoyed by the Junior Boys! On a lighter note, some of our children showed their comic acting talents in a charity Talent Show run jointly with the Senior School.

The two main highlights of the year are the Christmas shows, in which all our children take part, and the annual Year 6 play, which takes place in the summer term. The children also perform regularly in school assemblies and demonstrate their oratory skills in the annual public speaking competition. The school is fortunate in having the capability to turn our spacious Sports Hall into a superb theatre, with high quality sound and lighting equipment.
Drama is covered in the curriculum through the weekly expressive arts lesson and is also offered as an after school activity throughout the year.

Children that particularly enjoy Drama can develop and extend their talents in the weekly Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented lessons, where as well as learning techniques they enjoy regular opportunities to perform for different audiences.
The dramatic tradition at Kent College is a key part of the development of the whole individual, an objective that is central to the School’s philosophy.
To see more examples of our drama performances visit our media page located at the bottom of the website.

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