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 It is our aim in the PE and Games Department to provide opportunities for pupils to take part in sport, playing at a level that reflects their ability, so that they can improve at a pace that is appropriate to them. With this approach, pupils thoroughly enjoy their sport, taking their enthusiasm and passion in to their future lives, to ensure a healthy and physical lifestyle. 

These opportunities range from regular fixtures and local/county tournaments, where boys and girls can compete at a variety of sports from football, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis, swimming, cross-country and athletics, to IAPS Regional and National competitions in hockey, netball, cross-country and athletics. 

Competition is healthy but ensuring that all have a chance to represent the school is far more important. 

It is our aim that in the four years (Yrs 3-6), where school representation is recorded, that each pupil has achieved the minimum of 50 appearances (caps) for the school. In most cases the majority fly past that landmark and 150 caps has been surpassed! As well as providing opportunities for the children, we like to provide the opportunity for family to come along and spectate. We do this by having regular sporting events at the weekends, so that there is a chance to see your child represent the school and feel a part of our sporting community. There are regular fixtures on Saturdays, for both boys and girls, in a variety of sports during the year. Along with these, there are cross-country and athletics mornings which create mass participation.

Children that particularly enjoy playing sport and developing their talents to a high standard can choose to take part in the additional Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented Sessions. These sessions are regularly taken by present and past international athletes and current county and area medalists which ensures that the children have good role models as well as excellent coaching.
Also once a term there will be a tour in the major team sports, where there will be an overnight stay in a hotel. Once again this is an invaluable experience for the children, which many fondly remember years after they have left the school. It is always our aim to offer this opportunity to all the boys and girls in years 5 and 6. The date of the tour is often the first thing sought out when the new calendars are handed out at the beginning of term!

 ‘Sport for all’ is our ethos, and our extra-curricular activities after school provides even more chances to be involved in sport, on top of the PE lesson and two games afternoons each child receives every week.

 From 4:00-6:00pm there is a comprehensive programme and as well as the sports previously mentioned, basketball, badminton, table-tennis and rugby can be played.

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