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HMODThere is a very special atmosphere at Kent College Nursery, Infant & Junior School. You can see the smiles on the faces of the children as they take their first tentative steps into the Nursery. You can hear the laughter on a summer’s day as they play in the sunshine in our beautiful and secure parkland grounds. You can watch the signs of growing pleasure and satisfaction as they begin to master an instrument, make their first ceramic model, take part in a play or turn the cricket ball from off to leg. Even in the winter when the snow falls, we see the children out playing and learning in their idyllic environment, whether it is using their footprints to count in twos or designing and using sledges to understand speed and velocity!¬†Kent College is a Christian foundation, and this shows in its outstanding reputation for pastoral care.

The School recognises that the demands of modern life mean that it can be necessary for parents to drop children off early or collect them late. That is why the school is open from 7.45 am until 6.00pm each school day and parents can be assured that their children will be carefully supervised and appropriately challenged during pre-and post school periods as they are throughout the school day. The presence of a small but comfortable boarding house within the school means that it is normally possible to arrange for short term or occasional boarding too.

Conscious that they are being cared for in a loving and supportive way, our children develop into confident, well-rounded and responsible young people, ready to take on the challenge of Senior School when they leave.


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