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One of the most important choices that we as parents have to make is where our children should be educated. The start they make in their first months and years at school will have a profound influence on the rest of their lives. It is vital that in these early years each child feels happy, loved and protected within a family community, is encouraged to learn and grow and is also stimulated to expand their interests well beyond the classroom. The process of developing well-rounded, mature young people, confident but also responsible, begins in these formative years.

At Kent College we seek to find the ideal balance between academic development and the encouragement of these broader interests. We have a highly qualified staff and as the detailed information elsewhere on the site shows, our children progress in a structured manner through the Nursery and Infant Departments to the Junior School. Each child’s development is carefully monitored and we believe in full and regular consultation with parents. The result is an outstanding academic success record in national and county examinations, with the large majority going on to our Senior School, many with scholarships.

We do not, however, seek to be judged on academic success alone and indeed many of the scholarships we achieve are for musical, artistic and sporting excellence. We are fortunate in having beautiful secure and tranquil grounds which allow us the facilities for a huge variety of sports, games and past-times. Music, art and drama flourish in the school and there is a comprehensive list of activities available to our children after school and, if they wish, on Saturday mornings. We have a small but comfortable boarding house with a unique family atmosphere and the Kent College schools even have their own farm.

Recognising the pressure on parents today we operate a flexible hours policy which allows for children to arrive at school as early as 7.45 am and to be collected up to 6.00 pm each school day.

Above all we are a very happy school. As a Christian foundation we are fully committed to the development of every child’s full potential. Our children know that we expect much of them but they also know that they will be cherished and unfailingly supported in all their endeavours. I’m proud of the school and look forward to showing you why.

Andrew Carter, B.Ed. Hons.
Head Master
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