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School Colours Direct are the school s online supplier of uniform.

Playerlayer are the school s online supplier of sports kit.

A sizing guide is available on each website. Alternatively sizing samples are available to try on in the school s Thrift Shop. Please see the separate heading Thrift Shop below for full details.

NB: Boarders should request that items are delivered to school directly but these should be clearly addressed to each pupil including the name of their boarding house.

Please see below for further information regarding all aspects of school uniform and sportswear.

Uniform Introduction and FAQs

Playerlayer Sports Kit brochure

The Thrift Shop: Good quality second hand uniform and sportswear for all years is available from the Thrift Shop at Kent College Senior School which is open Mondays and Fridays 3.30pm until 5.00pm during term time. A range of sample uniform for trying on and sizing purposes is also kept in the Thrift Shop.

Any further questions about the purchase of school uniform should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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