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The Careers Department deals not only with careers, but with the often difficult choices that our pupils make concerning the right university or college courses for them.

We seek to help our pupils understand and develop their particular abilities, to investigate higher education and career opportunities, and, importantly, to implement their plans.

It is now a commonly-held view that current school leavers will have a number of major career changes during their working lives. To ease these transitions, we aim to teach today’s pupils to be adaptable, IT-literate and able to think for themselves. At Kent College, we try to prepare our pupils for life.

Within the school, careers staff work closely with tutors, houseparents and year heads to ensure that the needs of each pupil are understood. Help and advice is available throughout our students’ school life, particularly when choosing among the various options at GCSE, AS, A-Level, or IB and when making the decisions that will affect their lives when they leave school. Careers education and guidance is delivered through PSHE lessons in Year 7 to 11, and Key Skills lessons in the 6th Form.

The Careers Centre provides excellent facilities, combining office, interview room, and a well equipped study room. A wide range of information is available, both in hard copy and on-line, covering all standard, indexed careers publications and an extensive selection of university and college prospectuses. 

The majority of our students proceed on to higher education  and Kent College prides itself on the diverse and notable achievements of its students. As well as winning regular places at Oxbridge, our students have gone on to excel in law, finance, medicine, journalism, politics, broadcasting, design and engineering, to name just a few of the careers they enjoy.


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