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Kent College is delighted to be in partnership with a number of schools globally, offering students and teachers the opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other and develop as global citizens. We are proud to hold the Intermediate International Schools Award.

Klerruu Secondary School, Iringa, Tanzania, Morogoro International School  Tanzania, Mookami Junior High School, Botswana, The Pennington School  New Jersey, USA and Rockhampton Grammar School , Queensland, Australia are all formal partners with student and teacher visits.
Our long term Global School Partnership established with Klerruu and Mookami through the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme and the partnership between our Junior School and Sabasaba Primary School, also at Klerruu, has allowed teachers from both countries travel to visit and work collaboratively on curriculum and classroom activities for the benefit of the students in both countries. The students get the opportunity to communicate with a friend through social media or letters and 18 older students from Kent College have been on a cultural exchange to visit their friends at Klerruu with a further cultural exchange in the summer of 2018.
We have also been able to support the GSP through generous donations of equipment and money, sending a container of educational resources to Klerruu and financing the completion of a classroom and an orphan feeding station in the Iringa area.
In the Summer of 2016, students from Rockhampton and from the Pennington visited us: younger students on an exchange visit; older students from Pennington with their excellent drama performances.
Kent College students visited Pennington in October 2016 and added a tour of New York, Philadelphia and Princeton.
Two students from Morogoro have joined Kent College in the sixth form on bursary places.

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